Fire Alarms

All buildings whether publicly or privately owned have a legal requirement for a minimum level of protection.

fire alarms at Kingsland Electrical in Kent and London

Kingsland Electrical can ensure that you have the necessary level of protection to comply with these requirements, in a cost effective and efficient manner. Any project starts with a Fire Risk Assessment, this involves a comprehensive assessment of all sites and buildings. Once we have the results of the assessment we can then design, install or repair any equipment as necessary to ensure new and existing buildings comply with Fire Regulations and maintain structural fire integrity.

• We can offer a full range of fire alarm systems from simple conventional panels to highly sophisticated addressable systems.
• Radio controlled systems where surface cabling is not acceptable i.e. historic houses.
• We use industry standard components and open protocol systems that can be worked on by any competent contractor.
• We have a comprehensive understanding of British Standards and can offer advice to our clients as what is required to make a system compliant.

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