Emergency Lighting.

An emergency light is a battery-backed lighting device that switches on automatically when a building experiences a power outage.

emergency lighting installations at Kingsland Electrical in Kent and London

Emergency lights are standard in new commercial and high occupancy residential buildings, such as a college or university. All businesses require this facility for the safe evacuation of their employees if an emergency occurs.

Kingsland Electrical Ltd can design, install, commission and maintain emergency / escape lighting systems. Please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Purpose of emergency lighting:
• To show clearly the escape routes and signage
• Allow safe movement without stumbling
• Help prevent panic
• Show & identify fire equipment (e.g. extinguishers)
• Permit safety operations such as locating and checking the fire control panel indications
Maintenance of emergency lighting BS5266 recommends:
• Daily – Indicators show that the main supply is connected
• Monthly – Short duration test, simulate mains failure and confirm the lamp lights
• Annually – Full duration test, simulate mains failure and confirm the lamp lights and remains lit for the full duration (usually 3 h), at end check that the batteries charge normally. Record any test in the logbook.

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